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Heliocol Pool Heating

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We offer Heliocol Solar pool heating. Made in Israel, conbstructed from food grade poly propelene it is the most reliable, highest quality system available. When we initially do sa site visit for a potential installation we do a full roof measure and then use a software program that will calculate the most efficient system design for your pool.

We have installed many different brands of solar thermal. Helicol is easily the most resilient, robust and well designed system available.

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With pool heating there are several options. The most popular is solar heating that is designed to your particular pool size, we can also fit these systems so that they heat your domestic hot water and your pool!

The most cost effective place to install collectors is on a north facing  roof. The hc 50 is the lowest cost collector (and the least complicated to install).

The system that will provide the best value for your home is the heliocol hc 50 panels. Heliocol has been manufactured since 1978 and, in fact, the first products installed are still in operation today. What makes the system so durable is that it is moulded in one piece from food grade Polypropelene. This gives it the advantages of:

annual pool temps
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The only way to ensure the system is kept as a drainback system on your home is to mount it on the north facing roof, this will give the correct level of frost protection and also give the maximum performance.

Other options include gas heating, hot water heat pump, or hot water bore which is surprisingly popular. Each system has its pros and cons that we are happy to discuss, mostly these alternative systems are more expensive in running costs.