Renovation gas

Renovations offer the opportunity to upgrade your existing hot water, heating and cooking power sources to gas. Save space, cook with gas, and get endless hot water.

Gas Hot Water Has Many Advantages

In our experience, replacing an electric hot water cylinder with a gas califont is a very popular way to solve issues with hot water supply at the same time as increasing available space for renovations.

The quintessential state home in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty is a prime example of bad use of space in the kitchen area of a home. Most of you can picture it: a small galley kitchen with the hot water cylinder parked in a pokey cupboard, right where the kitchen naturally wants to be extended. Often the cylinder is central to the home, sharing a wall with a hallway, making terrible use of the floor plan.

By relocating the hot water supply to a nearby outside wall, you’ll allow redevelopment and renovation of the floor plan of your old hot water cupboard.

How a Gas Changeover is Achieved

To accomplish the move, Eco Plumber & Gasfitter can either work alongside your builder or electrician or suggest one of our trusted certified partners. Once we’ve talked through all your options, we’ll arrange for your choice of gas supply to be on site (bottles or town connection) so our part of your renovations goes to plan.

Gas hot water califonts, like the Rinnai Infinity, are relatively small and are mounted up high on a wall. If you need gas bottles, they are usually stood up outside near the califont where they can be swapped by the gas supply company. If you would prefer an enclosure for your gas bottles, we are happy to recommend a builder.

Gas Cooking, Ovens and Hobs

Do you feel that electric stoves, cooktops and elements just don’t have the same cooking utility as gas hobs? You’re not alone. Cooking with gas is incomparable. The immediate raw power, fine-tuned settings, visual feedback and instant shut-off just aren’t possible with electricity.

Eco Plumber & Gasfitter offer full-service gas installs for renovations – from sourcing to design to installation and certification. We’ll work alongside you and your contractors to make sure gas is on site and ready to go at project completion. Get us involved early and we’ll walk you through it.

Are you planning to swap your old electric stove, cooktop or oven for a gas hob? Talk to Eco Plumber & Gasfitter today.

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With Eco Plumber & Gasfitter, you get the renowned 12-month Master Plumber Guarantee for all work done on your home.

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J & T Rameka
J & T Rameka
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We wish to acknowledge the awesome service provided right before Christmas Eve. Very grateful for your willingness to accept the job and get it done – which meant our son and family could enjoy a well-deserved holiday with running water!!! Please pass on our appreciation to the staff as well. We will be recommending your business.
Pauline Schrafft
Pauline Schrafft
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We have had Dale to our place three times - underfloor heating problems, gas hot water issues and a stove service. Each time he arrived at said time and explained everything as he fixed the issues. Great communication and would highly recommend. Thanks.
Jo Ferris
Jo Ferris
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I booked Eco Plumber to relace a shower rose. Due to a change with one of their appointments. They came the same day I booked them. Brilliant service. Prompt. Took all the discarded bits with them. Very fair charge. I will use their service again.