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Underfloor Home Heating

Underfloor home heating is a very efficient method to heat a room space. Using Natural Gas Condensing Boilers or Hot Water Heat Pump systems (HPHW) as the heat sources makes hydronic heating cost-effective and efficient. It is possible to do a large solar design for underfloor heating however this requires a pool to use leftover heat in summer. Modern heat source systems are quite easily retro-fitted to homes that have an outdated heat source but have a good quality underfloor heating system in place. We offer many more services including hydronic radiator and underfloor heating systems with multiple heating sources.

Boilers & Energy Sources

When choosing a replacement gas boiler or for your new home consider choosing a condensing version. Condensing boilers can lower your running costs considerably. The efficiency comes from the boiler extracting the heat in the flue that is otherwise wasted. The boiler captures this heat and uses it which results in up to 25% higher efficiency than an equivalent non-condensing boiler. They also have lower emissions of carbon dioxide. Efficient condensing gas boilers have a multitude of uses from domestic water heating through to whole home heating solutions including underfloor heating and radiator systems.

Hot Water Heat Pump

HPHW has been around for at least the last 40 years. With the latest technology they have evolved into a very efficient home heating source. Air Source HPHW is a good option in the Bay of Plenty region because the ambient air temperature does not often go below 11 degrees. The Econergy hot water heat pump has been tested and proven to be the most efficient, with up to 70% savings on heating, where some brands are only at 50%. When the system is on standby no power is used. The ECONERGY heat pump is able to be fitted to new installations and retrofitted to existing hot water systems. ECONERGY is a quality New Zealand made product. Advantages for an ECONERGY are low installation costs and no building consent required. Also appliance locations can be flexible and able to run on ripple control. We have made many happy clients from fitting the ECONERGY in our region. They suit people with families who have high levels of hot water useage.

Solar Panels

Solar hot water heating offers very good performance. If the solar system is matched to the correct hot water cylinder capacity, savings of up to 75% are easily possible. Most of the year electrical back up will not be required to heat the water to sanitary temperature level. Solar is also good for pool heating with careful design to get the collector size and pool surface area ratio correct. There are also solar water heating systems that will do underfloor heating with a large hot water cylinder capacity.

Radiator Heaters

Radiator Heaters and underfloor heating (UFH) can share the same energy sources. This can range from a hot water heat pump or gas combi boiler through to supplemented by solar using a multi-energy heat source tank. Radiator heaters have a quick heating cycle and don’t rely on an insulated floor. They provide a responsive home heating solution and are able to control zone heating easily. Each Radiator is sized to the room that is being heated. There are aluminium radiator heaters available that have a very fast heat up time.

Log Fires with Wetback

Log fires and wetbacks are often an overlooked form of heating. There are some amazingly efficient designs available now. A good wetback is able to heat your hot water cylinder in about one hour. This makes a great backup heat source for your solar during winter. Consumer Magazine still rates this as the most cost-effective heat source for home heating. A fire and wetback makes a great booster for solar water heating over the winter period with careful installation. The size of the hot water cylinder needs to be chosen carefully to suit the size of wetback installed in the fire. A small 2kw booster in Fire cannot heat a large 300 litre HWC even if the fire was going all day. However it would be adequate with a smaller 130 to 180 litre HWC. For a good performance system the hot water cylinder should be located as close as possible to the fire with the shortest pipework run possible.

Multi Energy Source Hot Water Cylinder

Multi energy source hot water cylinders are becoming more common in big new homes. They basically treat a large hot water cylinder like a battery or storage device for heat, sometimes up to 500 litres and in some cases 1000 litres. There are some smaller versions just for use with fire and wetback systems with solar. With multiple connections and heat exchanger coils inside the hot water cylinder it exchanges heat between different methods of heating such as solar hot water heating, gas boilers, solid fuel or wood boilers or large wetback fireplaces as well as hot water heat pumps (HPHW) to name a few.

The main purpose of these large systems is to heat the home through underfloor heating or radiator systems as well as heat the domestic water supply. In some cases the swimming pool can be connected if the solar system is set up as a drain back system. It is specialised work to install these systems and to have safe control over the energy being sent to the hot water system. We are often called to install these as part of a new home build.

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