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Eco Plumber & Gasfitter knows the value of clean, pure water in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. We offer the complete Puretec range of filtration systems – a brand we stand behind.

Proud Puretec Agents for Tauranga & BOP

After being in the plumbing industry for decades, we have settled on a filtration brand that offers a complete range for almost every application, Puretec.

In an industry with high competition, Puretec stands apart from the rest. Manufactured in Australia with extensive warranties, you can have total confidence in the quality of Puretec filters and filtration systems. Their equipment is durable, with a full range of spare parts and replacement cartridges available. 

It’s easy to tell the difference between Puretec housings, fittings and cartridges and alternatives from other countries. Puretec has put a lot of time into making the replacement cartridges user-friendly and robust. In most cases, they can be changed by the homeowner without any tools.

Comprehensive Range of Treatment Systems

Puretec offers an extensive range of water treatment options for domestic and commercial applications.

  • Fluoride removal
  • Iron removal
  • Carbon and sediment filtration
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Water softeners
  • UV systems
  • PH correction
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nitrate removal
  • Ceramic filters
  • A full range of backup and replacement parts

Application-Based Recommendation for Your Needs

If your home or workplace uses rainwater or bore water as its primary water source, you’ll probably need both a filtration system and a UV sanitisation system. These are typically installed before the water entry point to your building. The Puretec Hybrid filtration system is a good example of such a system, using twin cartridges and UV light to eliminate microbes, cysts and sediment.

In most cases, a town water supply could benefit from filtration. Whole-home filters can be retrofitted to almost every home. An alternative is an under-sink filtration unit in the kitchen, where most drinking water is drawn from. We can offer filters that are designed to reuse your existing kitchen tap, or we can install systems with a designer kitchen faucet that has an LED light to notify when the cartridge is required to be serviced.

Areas with ‘hard water,’ or water with excess minerals, could benefit from water softening. The Puretec SOL Sofitrol series softens water by removing mineral ions such as calcium and magnesium. These ions are responsible for cloudy water and scaling on showers and pipes.


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Water Filter options

Softrol water filter system

Softrol Softening System, Auto Backwash, 30-80 Lpm

Water softener and purifier Puretec SOL30-E1 will provide softened, pure water throughout your home. It can reduce scaling and spotting caused by hard water, helping to prevent buildup on your shower glass. The minerals in hard water can also make your appliances less efficient, meaning soft water could extend the life of appliances. This fully automated system is designed for outside installation and is easily maintained.

Uv water filters

Filtration & UV all-in-one unit with Reversible Bracket

This whole-home carbon block and UV protection system is designed for farms and smaller homes on both rainwater and mains supply. The Puretec R3 filtration and ultraviolet protection all-in-one system with controller reduces sediment, silt, rust and coarse and fine particles. It is also effective in removing bacteria and parasites from your water supply, making it safer for drinking.

Dual water filters

Whole-House Dual System Complete, 10 Inch MaxiPlus

The WH2-30 whole-home water filtration system with carbon cartridge is an affordable way to remove sediments and chemicals from drinking and showering water. It is designed for mains water supplies. Water is filtered down to 5 microns for smaller homes with the long-life cartridges. We also have the WH-60 model for larger properties.

Ambi filter system and tap

Instant Hot and Ambient Filtered Water Appliance

The SPARQ H2 gives you instant hot water in your kitchen and filters out chlorine, sediment and chemicals. Water is filtered to 0.1 microns. The system provides ambient temperature water and instant steaming filtered hot water, with a capacity of 60 cups per hour. Make hot drinks in an instant. The stylish tap has a safety lock to prevent injuries.

Osmosis water filters

Reverse Osmosis System, 270 Litres/day

The Puretec RO270 under-sink reverse osmosis system is for when only the purest water will do. It removes 98% of impurities with a 0.0005-micron rating. The RO270 system will remove heavy metals, salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride and chlorine. The system has integrated flushing to help prevent bacteria buildup and includes a ceramic disc tap with a LED reminder light for when cartridges require replacement.

Sparq tap system

Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient Water on Tap

The SPARQ S4 gives you the luxury of filtered, sparkling or still water in your home. Choose your preferred temperature on the stylish tap’s LED panel. It is the perfect finish to a luxury kitchen. Cold water temperature selection is from 4-10 degrees at 20 litres an hour from a compact chiller located under the kitchen bench. Water is filtered to 1 micron.

Hybrid dual water filters

Under-sink Water Filter System and UV All-in-One Unit

This under-sink UV filter and cartridge system is ideal for farms and homes on rainwater supply. The Hybrid Mini installs under your kitchen sink to turn your existing mixer tap into a bacteria-eliminating filter tap. The system uses UV filtration to kill 99.9% of bacteria, turning your rainwater into healthy drinking water and removing sediment down to 5 microns with a removable, washable sediment cartridge.

Puretec water filter single

High-Flow Mixer Tap Filter System for Harsh Water, 1 Micron

For an under-sink water filter using your existing sink mixer tap, the PureMix Z7 is a good option. The entry-level system provides excellent filtration, removing sediment, reducing chlorine, chemicals and bad tastes and inhibiting bacterial growth. This filter offers 9.5 litres per minute to a 1-micron level and a total effective lifespan of 60,560 litres. Cartridges can be turned and changed by homeowners without turning off the water.

Single water filter

High-Flow Inline Water Filter System, 0.1 Micron

The level above the Z7 model is the PureMix Z6, which uses your existing sink mixer tap to filter all cold water going through your tap down to 0.1 microns. It has all the advantages of the Z7 but will also remove bacteria and E. coli through a higher level of filtration. The PureMix models can be installed vertically or horizontally under your kitchen bench to save space.

under sink water filter with faucet

Inline Undersink Water Filter System with High Loop LED Faucet, 1 Micron

This under-sink water filter has a separate mixer tap. The Puretec X3 Series uses KDF media to remove heavy metals from water such as lead and chlorine. It reduces sediment, bad tastes and odours to leave you with healthy drinking water, filtered down to 1 micron. A multifunction control valve allows you to adjust the water pressure from the tap.

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