Tauranga Water Filter Specialists

Eco Plumber Gas are Tauranga water filter specialists. We are very happy to offer the complete Puretec Filtration range. Manufactured in Australia with extensive warranties, you can have confidence in the quality.

We have been in the plumbing industry for some time, and we have found a filtration brand that offers a complete range for almost every application. The equipment is good quality and durable with a full range of spare parts and replacement cartridges. In an industry with high competition, Puretec stand apart from the rest. They have also recently celebrated 30 years as a family-run company.

It is not until the filters are in your hand that you can tell the difference in the high-impact plastic housings and cartridges. Eco Plumber are very confident in the Puretec brand as well as thier water filter manufacturing. Puretec has also put a lot of design into making the replacement cartridges user-friendly. In most cases they can be changed by the homeowner without any tools.

Puretech Water Filter Services

Puretech offers an extensive range of water treatment services as well as options for many applications from domestic to commercial. They have a dedicated water treatment team that can help with simple or complex water issues.

The following services are available from the Puretec Team:

  • Water analysis consultation
  • Water treatment consultation
  • A full range of water treatment systems and back up parts
  • Application-based recommendation
  • Iron removal, carbon and sediment filtration, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners, UV systems PH correction, Ultrafiltration and more.

We can offer filters that are designed to reuse your existing kitchen tap or we can install systems with a kitchen designer faucet that has an LED light to notify when the cartridge is required to be serviced.

There are varying degrees of filtration for each product, from 0.1 micron. There are also  several filtration options from reverse osmosis to UV filtration, as well as water softening and sediment removal.

The Puretec Hybrid filtration is a system designed for rainwater and bore water. This is a twin cartridge and UV light designed to eliminate any giardia or sediment. Typically these systems will be installed rurally.

We have a unique selection of water treatment, designed for water softening. The Puretec SOL Sofitrol series softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium, and magnesium. The ions are responsible for scaling and clouding of waters. This system will provide softened purified water throughout your home.

Domestic and Commercial Water Filters

Puretec also offer water treatment systems for domestic and commercial applications from carbon water treatment systems through to iron removal water treatment.

Iron removal water treatment with the Puretec IRS2000 reduces the level of manganese and iron. It does this by increasing the rate of oxidisation of dissolved irons and then filtering the iron out. This system can treat iron levels up to 28ppm. There are several models available and different flow rates for each model ranging from 20 litres/min up to 40 litres/min.

There are many systems ranging from domestic to commercial applications. Contact Eco Plumber & Gas the Tauranga Water Filter Specialists with your specific requirements.


We have several package prices and specials fully installed or you may purchase separately.

Softrol Softening System, Auto Backwash, 30-80 Lpm

Water Softener and purifier Puretec SOL30-E1 will provide softened pure water through your whole home Have you wanted to use less detergents and clean bathrooms and dishes more easily, reduces soap scum and clothes are softer after going through the laundry? Designed for outside installation and easily maintained it is fully automated with 10 pre-set programs. Many different models available manual and automated, we offer the Softrol water softening Applianace. Starting point for the Automated version is the SOL30-E1 at RRP $1922.17 NZD inc gst. Fully Installed package price $2300 inc GST

Filtration & UV all in one unit with Reversible Bracket

Whole home Carbon Block and UV Protection. This one is for the farms and smaller homes on rain water and also mains supply. The Puretec R3 Filtration and ultraviolet protection all in one system, Twin cartridge 10” and UV light with Controller, reduces sediment, silt , rust coarse and fine particles, effective in getting rid of bacteria and parasites from your water supply. I know from personal experience there are a lot of homes on farms and using rain water that have no protection or filtration at this price there is no excuse to get sick. RRP $1723.28 NZD inc gst.

Fully Installed Package price $2400 NZD inc GST

Whole House Dual System Complete, 10 Inch MaxiPlus

Whole home water filtration Cartridge Block, WH2-30 5 micron 2 x 10 inch cartridges with a carbon block for whole home water treatment offering extremely good value to remove sediments and chemicals in drinking and showering water, water is filtered down to 5 micron for smaller homes, we also have a WH-60 option for larger property’s. The WH-30 offers good general purpose Filtration RRP $529.86 NZD inc Gst. As an installed package (Installation cost $847).

Fully Installed Package price $1200 inc GST

Instant Hot and Ambient Filtered Water Appliance

Instant hot and filtered water system for your sink, the SPARQ H2 filtered to 0.1 Micron with ambient temperature water and offers instant steaming filtered hot water capacity 60 cups per hour to assist with fast cooking to making a cuppa. With factory 2 wear warranty. RRP $1250.38 NZD inc GST. Fully Installed Package (installation cost $478 inc GST)

Fully Installed Package price $1600 inc GST

Reverse Osmosis System, 270 Litres/day

Under sink Reverse osmosis system, The Puretec RO270 for when only the purest water will do, removes 98% of impurities including fluoride with a 0.0005 micron rating, the system has integrated flushing to help prevent Bacteria buildup, the system also includes ¼ turn ceramic disc tap with a LED reminder light for when cartridges require replacement, This system will remove heavy metals salts, viruses, bacteria, cysts, fluoride & chlorine. RRP $869.11 NZD inc GST.

Fully Installed package $1150 NZD inc GST

Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient Water on Tap

Filtered Sparkling, Chilled & Ambient water filtered water, The SPARQ S4 gives the luxury of filtered sparkling or still water in your own home, choose your selection on the LED panel located on the stylish tap chilled to your preferred temperature, it is the perfect finish to a luxury kitchen, cold water temperature selection from 4 degrees to 10 degrees at 20 litres an hour from a chiller located under the kitchen bench. RRP $3636.29 NZD Inc GST.

Fully Installed Package price $3900 NZD inc GST

Undersink Water Filter System and UV All-in-One Unit

Under sink UV filter and cartridge system, ideal for farms and homes on rain water supply. The Hybrid Mini installs under you kitchen sink to turn your existing mixer tap into a bacteria eliminating filter yap, the Hybrid Mini uses UV filtration to kill 99.9% of bacteria, turning your rainwater into delicious and healthy drinking water, removes sediment down to 5 microns with a removable washable sediment cartridge, and no tools required to change the UV lamp. RRP $786.91 NZD +GST.

Fully Installed Package price $1000 inc GST

High Flow Mixer Tap Filter System for Harsh Water, 1 Micron

Under sink water filter utilising your own existing mixer sink tap filter all cold water going through your tap. Starting with the Puremix Z7 an entry level system providing excellent filtration removing sediment, reducing chlorine, chemicals and bad taste and inhibits bacterial growth. This Filter will offer 9.5 litres per minute to a 1 micron level and a total effective life span of 60560 litres. Cartridge able to be turned and changed bayonet style by home owner no need to turn the water off. RRP $291.58 NZD inc GST.

Fully Installed Package Price $490 NZD inc GST

High Flow Inline Water Filter System, 0.1 Micron

Under sink water filter next level above the Z7 is the Z6 utilising your own existing mixer sink tap filter all cold water going through your tap, for a further $ 25 inc gst can offer the Puremix Z6. That will filter down to 0.1 Micron has all the advantages of the Z6 but also will remove bacteria and e-coli through a higher level of filtration.

Fully Installed Package $515 NZD inc GST

Inline Undersink Water Filter System with High Loop LED Faucet, 1 Micron

Under sink water filters with separate tap. Starting point is the Puretec X3 Series utilising KDF media to remove heavy metals from water such as lead and chlorine reduces sediment bad taste and odours to leave you with amazing drinking water, filters down to 1 micron RRP $295.05 NZD inc GST.

Fully Installed Package price $420 inc GST


  • Packages include up to 25km travel to your property.
  • Please note does not include any possible minor electrical work.
  • Pipework for under sink systems needs to be accessible and visable within kitchen cabinets.
  • Whole home filtration systems to have mains pipework to join onto with 2 meters

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