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Things to Consider When Designing a New Bathroom

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms, including 78 bathrooms and it's currently undergoing a £370m refurbishment. Whether your new bathroom or renovation budget is the size of a palace or more in line with the smallest room in the home, the results can still be stylish, practical and fit for royalty. Here are some ideas to help get you started. 

Designing a Bathroom layout

Think about your ideal bathroom layout. Is there enough space between the shower, toilet and vanity to move around? Will the toilet be in full view when the door is open? Will all the doors open without clashing? If you're renovating, you can save money on your bathroom by avoiding moving plumbing fixtures. 

A Place to Keep the Towels

Think about bathroom storage. Options include everything from free standing cabinets and vanities to peg rails, open shelving, recesses and wall cabinets. If space is at a premium you could store the bulk of your bathroom items in a linen cupboard and just keep the things you use on a daily basis in a small wall cabinet. 

How Important is Lighting?

Very. In a bathroom, shadows are your enemy and soft light is your friend. Bathrooms have lots of glass, chrome, and other hard, shiny surfaces so getting the balance right is difficult. In a smaller bathroom this could be a single light fixture, whereas a larger room might benefit from a dozen downlights. 

Ventilation and Heating

Keeping your bathroom ventilated is important and just opening the windows after you’ve had a shower or bath isn’t always ideal. Install a fan to help avoid a build up of mould. You might also want to consider installing some form of heating – a heat and ventilation light will do both of these jobs.