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Zehnder Ventilation

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Tauranga Ventilation System Specialists

We are very happy to offer the Zehnder ventillation system as imported by Fantech, we have enjoyed working on several passive home projects in the last year.

There are many benefits to having a sophisticated home ventilation system such as the Zehnder, a system that is capable of removing mould, condensation and excess moisture in a efficient manner far beyond what has previously been available in New Zealand. A good home ventilation system will also alleviate asthma symptons and breathing problems. The Zehnder surpasses other ventilation systems availble as it is also rated for heat recovery.

Manufactured in Switzerland it is a high quality sytem that has benifits many overseas people have recognised. In New zealand it is a new concept but rapidly catching on, there are enormous health benefits and energy savings, essentially a dryer home is healthier and easier to heat.

The Zehnder provides a constant source of fresh air to indoors, fresh air is fed into the system through a external vent in wall or roof, there is an optional heat exchanger that could be installed that uses geothermal energy to pre temper the outside air before it enters the system. The heat recovery can be up to 95% of the energy held in the stale air being extracted, as it it preheats the incoming fresh air, This saves a large amount on heating costs. The air distribution system then channels the tempered fresh air to individual rooms as required. Each room is adjusted and tuned for comfort and efficiency.

The Zehnder HRV air exchangers have a very high level of efficiency and heat recovery, energy efficient DC moters, rugged controls and simple operation.

The Zehnder does require careful design, installation and commisioning. To proceed we would require a complete set of construction plans to begin initial design.