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Puretec Filtration

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Tauranga Home Water Filtration Specialists

We are very happy to offer the complete Puretec Filtration range. Manufactured in Australia with exhaustive warrenties you can have confidence in the quality.

We have various  products available to treat water for point of use under the sink in the kitchen; from carbon block filters that offer high flow through, to reverse osmosis  water filter system. We can offer filters that are designed to reuse your existing kitchen tap or we can install systems with a kitchen designer faucet that has a LED light to notify when the cartridge is required to be serviced.

The Puretec hybrid filtration is a system designed for rain water and bore water, this is a twin cartridge and UV light designed to eliminate any giardia or sediment. Typically these systems will be installed rurally.

We have a unique selection of water treatment, designed for water softening. The Puretec SOL sofitrol series softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium and magnesium. The ions are responsible for scaling and clouding of waters.

There are many systems ranging from domestic to comercial applications, water filtration is a large subject. If we may help please enquire.

Puretec filter

We offer this cost effective filtration solution as a superior product to what some companys like HRV are offering at a premium price.

We can retrofit a twin cartridge system from Puretec The WH2-30 with system mounted on side of home or in a garage with up to 10m of 20mm pipework, fittings and labour; a complete installation package.

The Puretec WH series of filtration system is the appropriate choice for providing safe clean healthy water throughout the home or office. The Puretec WH series is a logical choice for people concerned about sediments and chemicals in drinking water or when showering.

The system provides spring water quality throughout the house and is affordable for all.

This is a platnum performance product with a 10 year warranty on the filter housing.

Ongoing service cost for cartridges every 2 years is $26.75 inc gst for sediment filter and $73.47 inc gst for carbon block filter

$1092.99 inc gst fully installed (other companies doing this for $2800!)

In addition we have a deicated Ioniser - the Puretec SOL30 semi automatic unit. This is basically a water softener. The item in this special is a semi automatic system with back flushing. We can install fully automatic systems that are computerised for a further $500.

The semi automatic water softening systems are our most economical units. Requiring no power, the unit incorporates a unique twist timer. Simply twist the timer to iniate a regeneration when necessary and the unit regenerates for the nominated time then returns back to normal softening mode.

The Puretec SOL30 is rated for flow rate of up to 30 liters per minute, ( there is a SOL40 available)

It is normal to have a pressure loss of 65 kpa with these systems, so a good mains pressure as a base is important.

The dimensions are 1160mm high x 370mm wide x 330mm depth recomended to be installed near a gully or downpipe for when a back wash is in place.

These systems provide peace of mind water softening throughout the house. You will notice many benefits through the home. Soap and shampoos will lather better, your skin will not be so dry and soap scum will be reduced. Clothes are softer and hot water appliances last many more years.

The water softener is the Puretec  Softrol Series, it softens water by removing hardness ions, calcium and magnesium. These ions are responsible for scaling and clouding water, the Softrol range provides protection for pipework and appliances.

3 year warranty on product.

We can offer this package system fo $2392 inc gst fully installed including labour and up to 25m of 20mm pipework and fitiings.

To up grade to fully automatic system $2892 inc gst ( this will need a electrical contracter and is not included).

These systems out perform any filtration offered by HRV at a lesser cost.