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Econergy Hot Water Heat Pumps

An excellent alternative water heating method is a hot water heat pump. These can be more flexible in installation; installed inside a garage or outside in shade.

There are a few imported brands offering good savings of power usage, however the ECONERGY hot water heat pump has been tested and proven last year by Consumer Magazine to be the most efficient, offering 70% savings on heating, where some brands are only at 50%.

HWHP offer a lot of bang for buck compared to solar heat pumps by www.econergy.co.nz. These systems all offer EECA subsidies. Hot water heatpumps offer straight line performance all year round, and offer savings for high water user families where solar can not compete on price or performance. These systems offer maximum convenience at lowest running cost; able to heat 70 litres of hot water to full temperature of 62 degrees per hour at lowest running cost possible. When the system is on standby no power is used. These running costs do vary depending on which power company you support and whether on controlled power or not. Please call for best advice concerning this.

The ECONERGY heat pump is able to be fitted to new installations and retro fitted to existing hot water systems. ECONERGY is a quality New Zealand made product. Advantages for a ECONERGY are low installation costs, no building consent required, flexible appliance locations and able to run on ripple control.

We have made many happy clients from fitting the ECONERGY in our region and they suit people with families who use a lot of hot water. The reason for this is that it works on a thermostat and and when required on demand at the same high efficiency, whereas with solar when your tank of water is used up the electric boost element kicks in, this is why small hot water cyllinders do not suit solar applications.

Check out econergy.co.nz for more information.