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GreenGlo Water Heating


We offer the GreenGlo solar evacuated tubes as the popular solution for domestic and commercial use. Designed to suit New Zealand conditions, these are a robust well designed system.

We travel the Bay of Plenty installing these systems as the local sercvice agent and distributor. Versatile in their mounting systems these are a popular retrofit replacement for the failing Solar 60 systems.

GreenGlo tubes are a cost effectiveyear round solution and can reduce water heating costs by up to 75%.

Evacuated tubes have several advantages :

 The collector is designed to generate maximum performance in all climatic conditions. The ultra high efficiency system works on  heat transfer and the glass surface is designed to change the light and heat wave length, trapping the energy inside the tube, which is then transferred through to the manifold heat exchanger.


A 20 tube system is recomended to heat a 180 litre cylinder. The sturdy Green Glow collector is warranted for 10 years for full parts and labour when installed as a full system with new controller and pump.

The sorrel MTDC controller offers a clearly written full text display without confusing abreviations, it offers self explantary german design and is the current industry bench mark. This controller will operate a relay controlling the electric element. This will enable the element to be turned on for a boost when required automatically and also at the most efficient time of day for heating. This gives maximum power savings possible.

Using Eco Plumber to install your high quality system would be to your advantage due to the sheer number of systems we have installed (well over 3000 systems all over the North Island). This means a trouble free and professional service. We are passionate about solar water heating and solar power, we strive to offer the best products available. We are registered with EECA as a certified solar installer and service agent for several major brands.