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Blocked Waste Pipes

We frequently attend both blocked drains and internal waste pipes for private clients and also professional property managers.

Ridgid k-50-8 sectional machine

Blocked waste pipes are usually from the kitchen sink, basins, tubs and showers in homes and commercial kitchens. Often caused by poor plumbing when the property was built, or by unqualified people installing pipework incorrectly during renovations. We routinely unblock these pipes and make a recommendation on how we would like to alter pipework so that the situation does not reoccur. These blockages are often easily cleared using the tools that we always carry with us. We can frequently clear problems by directing and blasting out the blockage with mains pressure water or we can tip an acid cleaner down the pipe.

Sometimes, however, the blockage can be very stubborn and is resistant to a plumber's usual methods. For this reason we have invested in a specialised waste pipe unblocking machine: the mighty Ridgid k-50-8 sectional machine! This is a small portable machine that is designed to unblock waste pipes from 32mm in size up to 100mm pipework efficiently and without any fuss. This machine has a heavy-duty steel cable that pushes a cutting head down and around the pipework that removes and cuts any debris inside pipework.

With this well proven American made machine we can clear any stubborn blockage in the home or commercial kitchen quickly and efficiently. Due to the high investment cost of this specialist equipment we are obliged to charge a hire fee of $95 plus GST in addition to our normal hourly rate.