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Solar Hot Water Heating System Repairs

solar panel

We really enjoy solar work and regard restoring these heating systems to their former glory as highly important. Solar Hart, Nova, Solar 60, Edwards, Alpha, Sunriver,and many more all have their individual preferred set up and all require maintenance.

The required maintenance can range from a simple leaking frost plug, to a melted pump impeller (as shown in the image on this page resembling a fried egg), or a damaged collector requiring repair or replacement.

solar panel repair

We have a 21 point check-list for servicing these systems and to bring them to efficient working standards. Even repairing, on occasion, faulty installations done by less experianced trades people .

Please make the most of our experianced solar technicians. Our combined experiance equates to more than 900 installations completed in all brands and componentry; not many companies are able to offer this level of experience. Due to the nature of our expertise we travel widely to install and repair all types of solar system and also bring them up to required code.

solar panel repair

Our vans are full of these spare parts and our experienced solar technicians will make short work of getting your system operational, and saving you money.

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