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Plumbing Repairs

plumbing repairsPlumbing, servicing, maintenance and repairs is a large important part of our everyday work, the small jobs are welcomed enthusiastically.

When you first call our lovely office lady Kylie will answer the phone and work with you to find a convenient time that suits you and your time frames,

We service the wider Bay of Plenty area, however, work seems to be concentrated regularly from Tauranga through Mount Maunganui Papamoa, Tepuke to Paengoroa and all suburbs in between.

We endeavour to have our well-organised vans filled with common service items and replacement parts to maximise efficiency,

To help us keep costs to a minimum if the client when making a booking... is able to give an accurate detail of work to be undertaken it does helps us to pick up some items if required on way to your job and be absolutely organised.

Our Plumbers and gasfitters are all fully qualified, licenced and very experienced we enjoy our work and take pride in doing a neat tidy repair and offer sound advice around future possible repairs or servicing.

Common service work booked includes...

Question There is Hot Water overflowing on roof !,

Answer This usually means a washer needs replacing on pressure reducing valve (handymen refer to this as ajax valve) If it's an older valve 10 years or more it is recommended to replace the valve as the diaphragm could be perished as well and possibly flood the home worse case scenario. A faulty thermostat on HWC could also over flowing exhaust pipe requiring an electrician but this is not very common.

Question My Toilet keeps running through !,

Answer This would usually indicate a washer requires replacement on inlet valve to toilet, often though there is a hairline crack inside the valve itself that is not apparent until the valve is disassembled for servicing, this would require the valve to be replaced and good trade practice is to replace the flexi hose as well because it is common for old hoses to sometimes burst and cause a flood in the home (preventative maintenance). The flush valve washer would usually be replaced at this time as it can cause a small dribble into the pan, worst case scenario is sometimes this valve also requires replacement as some parts are not available anymore for old toilets.

Question There is no hot water ?,

Answer There are several causes for this ranging from a faulty tempering valve requiring servicing or replacement or a blocked filter. There could be a relief valve continuously running putting all the hot water down the drain, Electrically there could also be a faulty element or thermostat, a faulty isolation switch or the power board may not have simply turned on the power for controlled power. To help you choose whether to call a plumber or electrician simply put your on top pipe coming from the HWC if is stone cold call the sparky if it is warm or hot but cold at taps ETC call the Eco Plumber asap.

Question My sink tap keeps dripping !

Answer There are many brands of tap available now and we carry spare parts for most of the main stream taps, these would require new washers or ceramic cartridge replacement, Unfortunately there are also many taps imported into NZ sold by building depots usually, these taps are basically unsupported and the importer has made his quick buck and long disappeared, often we have some parts that may fit but often these are best replaced as generally are poor quality, and will give ongoing problems.

Question There is a blocked toilet please hurry !

Answer This generally is caused by plastic toys or the dux hygienic plastic container being dropped down the loo or the toilet requires a service because it is not flushing enough water down the drain to clear the solids, if it is a significant blockage however often a gully trap will be overflowing outside this indicates a blocked drain we can attend these jobs but to be fair it is best left to a specialist drain clearing contractor such as Doctor drain.

Question There's a pipe leak under floor please help quick !

Answer Sure no problem, maam. This usually is from homes that have the old butylene pipework system called dux profit or acorn, these pipework systems are well known for being problematic and often the homes end up with lots of patchy repairs. Best option is to replace all of this pipework as it will give ongoing problems and damage the building.

Question My shower keeps dripping !,

Answer This is similar to the kitchen tap dripping. We have service parts for most of the main stream mixers and taps in Tauranga; some mixers are very old and don't have service parts available these require replacement. Others are new but of very poor quality and difficult to get parts for due to dodgy importers these also probably best to replace with a better quality mixer to avoid ongoing issues.

Question My Tub tabs are difficult to turn !

Answer There is a vast number of configurations available today and most are serviceable easily, generally these may just require a lube and a washer replacement or a head works replacement, this is the assembly inside the taps.

Question There is a puddle of water by my drive way !

Answer This generally indicates a water main leak. The best way to tell is to ensure all taps are turned off on the property then go to council meter at boundary often this has a blue cover. Inside the box the meter has a window with a little dial and a red arrow. If the red arrow is spinning around this indicates there is water leaking from a pipe somewhere. This will require digging up the area where wet patch is and repairing the pipe. Worst case scenario is the pipework is rusted galvenised pipe this is best having full replacement as it will give ongoing problems and leaks. You can call our local council about your water bill if you have the leak fixed as they are very sympathetic and often issue a large credit on the wasted water.

Question My hot water cyllinder has a leak !

Answer This often can just be a pipe that has been disturbed in some way as its generally used as a storage area, this would need a pipe join repacking and tightened up. Sometimes there is a leaking valve that is not always visable to the untrained eye sometimes given away by a green calcium mark on the side, this would require replacement usually, Vary rarely it is a hwc that has corroded or split this would require the water being turned off imediatly to avoid damage.

On a side note...

dodgy plumbingWe encourage the general public to always request to see the official licence card from the NZ Plumbers Gasfitters Drainlayer Board (PGDB), there are several shonky operaters operating locally that are not liscenced or qualified.

If not legitimate these operators should be reported to the (PGDB) as these people have not received correct training, and are charging you for work they are not qualified to undertake.

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