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In-Home Eco Heating Systems

hot water tank

Wouldnt it be great to have a home that is healthy and comfortable, saves money on power and energy bills - and reduces your enviromental footprint?

We design fully intergrated solutions for water and energy requirements in your home. A home designed with an eco system is cheaper to run, more comfortable, and performs to the highest level.

What we would like to do is look at your whole home package and design a system to suit your particular needs. We are able to provide a complete off-grid soution with plumbing and heating relying on solar and wetback and rain water collection. This could also be considered a post disaster-proof home.

We can also provide a project with projected estimated running costs which vary with each prefered energy source. The key to these fully intergrated homes running at maximum efficiency is Multi source hot water cyllinders or sanitary water heaters. These typically have more than 400 liters capacity (up to 1000 litres). This cylinder acts as a battery to store energy from multple sources like hot water heat pumps, wood boilers, solar systems of varying size etc. From this we can supply the domestic hot water to showers as well as run radiator systems or under floor heating.

We can use the most efficient heat sources to give multple benifits, including lowest running costs for your whole home.

solar heating

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