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Under Floor Heating

Water Pipes

A very efficient method to heat a room space. Using solar and heatpump systems as the driving heat sources makes hydronic heating cost effective compared to older fossil fuel technology.

These systems are quite easily retro-fitted to homes that have an outdated heatsouce.

We offer many more services including hydronic radiator and under floor heating systems with multiple heating sources. These suit newly higher insulated homes perfectly. A slow even heat, popular in European countries, with an efficient heat source makes this choice the lowest running cost of all home heating methods. All these quality systems cater for different budgets. Consultations are essential as each system varies between lower install cost but higher running cost, or alernatively higher price install but lower running cost, made  possible by top quality handmade systems.

All these systems require maintenance and this is an area in which we have specialised training.

Under Floor Heating

We offer a few different heat souces to power these applications. For example, solar panels providing most of the energy and a fire with a wet-back providing a boost during cold weather. Alternatively we can design a hybrid system running off hot water heat pumps with many additional suplement boost sources such as solar or pellet fire and wood boiler. With carefull design many systems can be designed to suit your own budget and preferred method of heating.

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