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Gas Repairs and Servicing

Often our phone rings when the months turn cooler with a request to come and service the family home heater. Space heaters do require regular servicing every 2 years as a minimum. When serviced frequently there is little to go wrong as some preventative maintenance is performed when we service. This would take an hour to perform or sometimes two depending on the brand and model. We perform carbon monoxide testing, gas pressure testing and adjustment and clear the dust out of machine, test the sensors to ensure safe operation at that point in time.

However, many call us when their heater does not work at all, this is not really a service now. It has gone into a category known as a repair. The heater is broken and requires fixing. The repair can range from replacing a thermocouple to replacing the PCB, a fan or sensors. When the gas appliance has not been serviced for many years it really does need a good going over to ensure it is still safe to use, and sometimes needs replacement of parts. Depending on age of the appliance and brand sometimes the spare parts are not readily available.

Hot water cylinders are generally straight forward to service however they often have not been touched for 15 to 20 years, in this case when they stop it will require replacement parts of at least a thermocouple and on the odd occasion a replacement gas control valve or a rusted burner may be a culprit requiring replacement. Once repaired hot water cylinders can offer many more years of trouble free use.

Gas hobs or cookers are simple to trouble shoot the problems with, they do however have very brand specific parts that are light duty. These parts often are not available or very expensive. If they are good value we recommend repair, often though they are more expensive than buying a new gas hob. In this case we recommend replacement

home fireplace

 Home Appliances

Home gas appliances do break down at the worst time, usually going into winter. Contact us and we will repair your gas fire or heater with our large range of spare parts. Also catered for are gas hobs, gas hot water cylinders, LPG bottle installations, and many types of space heaters. Gas repairs and servicing is an area we love to work in. Real fires, Masport, Rinnai, Escea all require maintenance from time to time.




dusty filterAs seen in this image, dust builds up inside space heaters, causing overload to fans and bearings, causing excess wear and premature wear. The pilot shown in the picture was also partially blocked causing reliability issues. Of course there are many other problems that require appropriate training to remedy.

Don't try this at home kids!








commercial deep fryerRestaurants and Bars

Commercial kitchens are an area of our specialty, with our knowledge of electrical and gas control systems enabling us to provide an efficient service.

We have a large range of spare parts to get your commercial kitchen working again at peak capacity. We take this sector of work very seriously and, with fully qualified staff sent to job, you can be sure of your cooker being in great hands. The range of work ranges from completely new restaurants to completely refurbishing deep fryers and simple service work.


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