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Gas Change Overs and New Homes

Gas change overs to existing homes and new properties have proven to be extremely popular, we offer a very competitive and efficient service.

To help the gas change over flow well and be completed in one day we coordinate the electrician for you if required, and also book the LPG bottles if required to be onsite when we perform the changeover. We aim to make the job seamless for you from the first phone call through to the job completion and certification.

Our gasfitting service utilises new efficient units like the Rinnai Infinity Califonts. These offer higher efficiencies of over 90% compared to the older style Califonts. The running costs of LPG gas is around  17c KWH, Natural gas is 9cents, compared to electricity at 27c KWH. This allows us to use the cleanest burning fossil fuel for direct use of energy, with many generations of fuel available. Gas produces fewer emissions than electricity and heats water twice as quickly at 1/3 of the cost. www.ganz.org.nz/faqs. Gas is at a lower price point to Solar or Hot Water Heat Pumps in installation costs, and still offers a good saving in running costs.

We offer brands that are reliable and trouble free with a good record for after sales service from space heating and decorative fires through to gas califonts and water heaters. There are many that are not reliable, please listen to our experience.

As Certified Tauranga Gasfitters, we are able to give great advice on the right appliance for your needs.

If able to choose between natural gas and a meter or LPG Bottles, they have different requirements with the gas code and also different running costs.

 If natural gas is available in your street you will need to be using it for water heating at least to make the line rental charges worthwhile.

 If you only wish to use a gas cooker or hob then LPG Bottle would be your best alternative.

Often though natural gas is not available and the only option is using the Twin 45 kg gas bottles, this is still a far cheaper and lower running cost that using straight electric power, in many cases your power costs can be cut in half by changing to gas.

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