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Drainage Blockages

We frequently attend both blocked drains and internal waste pipes for private clients and also professional property managers.

man unblocking a drain

For blocked drains we routinely use standard drainage rods that will often work quickly and efficiently. Forcing a plunger down the drain it pushes the blockage out into the council mains which has larger diameter pipework. There is no hire fee attached to using these rods and plunger and normally this will work.

However, for difficult jobs we can offer state of art systems designed overseas to remove the most stubborn blockages. You would be amazed at what people put down their drains!

We have a sophisticated CCTV system that we can thread down the drain to identify the blockage. With this system, we are able to locate the problem under driveways and gardens quickly and efficiently using a sond attached to the camera head and a specialist locator. This helps to eliminate any wasted effort and unnecessary mess from having to dig holes or cut concrete.

The camera system costs $90 plus GST in addition to our normal hourly rate to use.

With our CCTV drainage camera system, we are able to offer pre-purchase inspection to give you peace of mind on your new home or property.

For larger drains that are buried beneath the ground outside we have also invested in the well proven Ridgid K1500 Drain Clearer. This heavy-duty sectional machine is designed to thrust a high tensile spring and cutting head down the drain. This cuts out and removes normal blockages and also cuts out roots from old ceramic drains. We do recommend the old drains or the troublesome section of pipework be replaced with PVC as the roots will be likely to grow back. The fee for our drainage machine of $100 plus GST in addition to our normal hourly rate.

We are also currently in process of looking for a large water blaster system to add to our arsenal of drain clearing equipment, we aim to be the most well equipped company in the bay to attend any problematic drainage and wastewater pipework.