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Drain and Waste Pipe Unblocking

We receive many calls regarding clogged up or blocked drains and kitchen sinks,

 The conversation usually starts with “my kitchen sink wont drain. we have tipped some stuff down it but it hasn’t worked!”

Generally, with kitchen sinks it is blocked at the S trap and requires removal to access the blockage and clear, not usually a large job. There are some products available from supermarket that people can purchase to pour down the sink however if not done correctly it does turn to concrete and requires the pipework to be cut out and removed. Imagine if this pipework is then buried in a concrete floor (not a cheap repair!)

We do have some acids that can be tipped into sinks and clear most blockages, however when it does not work we have highly specialised equipment that can be used (For more info on Drain blockage, click here)

When the gully trap outside the building is overflowing with kitchen waste, this does indicate a drainage blockage, this can range to just a blocked grill from leaves inside the gully trap or fat has clogged up the gully, which is usually easy to clear in an hour or so.

However, when sewerage is coming out of the gully, and the toilets wont flush properly it indicates a blocked branch drain or leg of drain. When this is the case is could be a couple of hours to repair or longer as frequently it involves digging up inspection points. It can be caused by a collapsed section of drain or even a huge amount of egg shells (which was actually the case at a recent job!) We have the normal plunger that most plumbers have but we have chosen to invest in more specialised equipment to clear stubborn drainage blockages and even CCTV (For more info on blocked waste pipes. click here)

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