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So far, summer in Tauranga has been one of extremes – extreme dry heat in December, followed by a heavy storm and a King Tide. The rest of summer is forecasted to be long, dry and hot and, while it’s perfect weather for the beach, we’ll likely end up facing further water restrictions. With that in mind, the plumbers at Eco Plumber and Gas have come up with some easy ways to adhere to the rules and conserve water this summer.

Find and Fix Outdoor Leaks

We are often concerned about indoor plumbing leaks, yet ignore leaks happening outside the house. Finding and correcting external leaks is a great way to conserve water, and this can include hoses that aren’t tightly connected and leaky outdoor faucets.

Toilet Talk

Toilets are the household’s biggest water user and older toilets in particular use copious amounts of water at each flush. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, summer is the time to buy. Modern toilets are far more efficient, using a fraction of the amount of water.

A faulty flusher slowly leaks water into the bowl, which is a not very well-known water waster. The plumbers at Tauranga’s Eco Plumber and Gas can help detect any leaks or fault flushers and replace them for you.

Check your Washing Machine

With all the extra beach and pool towels, the washing can certainly pile up over the summer months. Extra loads of laundry can strain the washing machine’s plumbing and lead to leaks. Inspect the hose to make sure it is firmly attached and free of any kinks or wear and tear: if you find a leak, replace it.

Shorter Showers

Not a huge surprise, but the longer the shower, the more water you’re using. Take shorter showers – and cooler showers, especially on hot days – to conserve water.

Use the Dishwasher

It may sound like it uses more water than hand washing, but any plumber will agree that a full dishwasher load is actually better for water conservation. Good dishwashers are built so that you don’t even have to pre-rinse, another way to save. The better the energy ranking, the more efficient your dishwasher is.

Cover the Pool

For those of us lucky enough to have a home pool in Tauranga, invest in a pool cover. In high heat, a significant amount of water evaporates off of your pool, making you refill it frequently. Keeping it covered when not in use keeps more water in the pool.