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Why Use an Eco-friendly Plumber?

Having an eco-friendly home is increasingly important to people as more and more of us are becoming environmentally conscious.

Using a professional eco-friendly plumber is the best way to meet all your plumbing and heating needs while also providing greater energy and water efficiency and minimising any impacts on the environment.

Eco-plumbing can help save water for future generations and reduce energy costs for homeowners by creating efficient systems, minimising resource use and making use of sustainable or renewable materials.

A team offering these 'green' plumbing and electrical services should be equipped with these skills and skilled at installing many different types of eco-friendly energy and water saving systems for your home.

At Eco Plumber Gas, we can repair or replace your older hot water units, leaky taps, running toilets and dripping shower hands with modern, high-efficiency, environmentally friendly fixtures. You may be surprised to find a simple upgrade can have a big impact on reducing your water consumption and home heating costs.

Our experienced, eco-friendly professionals actually specialise in sustainable energy solutions and in particular the installation, maintenance and upgrade of solar power systems. These systems offer savings of up to 75% of hot water heating if designed correctly.

We also have expertise in installing log burners with wetback systems, grey water recycling systems and tanks that collect rainwater. 

For more information on reducing the water consumption and energy costs in your home contact the expert plumbers at Eco Plumber Gas - they'll be happy to assist.