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What is Gasfitting and Who Can Do It?

Gasfitting is skilled work. It involves the installation, testing, altering, adjusting or repairing of any gas appliances and ensuring they'll be safe to operate. It also includes work on appliances fitted to any vehicles like boats and motorhomes.

Gas is an efficient, economical energy source, however badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can be dangerous, potentially causing gas leaks, fires, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. That's why it is so important that only authorised gasfitters undertake gasfitting.

In New Zealand, a Certifying gasfitter is the highest qualification available. Someone who is a Licensed gasfitter is also qualified and licensed but their work must be supervised by a Certifying Gasfitter. A Limited Certificate Trainee must also be supervised by a Certifying gasfitter.

There are two exceptions to these licenses. Gasfitters with an Exemption 20 are not registered and don't have a full qualification, but they can do gas fitting work as long as it is within the scope of the exemption that they've been granted. Gasfitters with Exemption 21 can do gas fitting work provided they are supervised by a certifying person who is ultimately responsible for the work being done competently.

Certified Gasfitters like our team at Eco Plumber Gas in Tauranga, are able to give the best advice and the right assistance with the right appliance for your needs. We will install, repair and service your gas fire or heater, gas hobs, gas hot water cylinders, LPG bottle installations, and others. Eco Plumber Gas have an excellent reputation in the Bay of Plenty and our qualified experienced gasfitters will ensure that your gas work goes smoothly and safely.