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Solar Hot Water

We are agents for several evacuated tube systems and flat plate collectors, so please call if interested in a no obligation quote on a new solar system, either retrofitted to your existing home or installed in a new home. Quotes are able to be done off the plan.

We are proud to be Service agents for SolarHart, GreenGlo, Edwards and travel the bay of plenty offering installation and back servicing. We also service and repair many other types of solar ranging from Solar 60 to Azzuro and Nova etc.

Solar Panels

Efficiency benefits rely on your hot water cylinder size. This is often overlooked by companies looking for a fast sale. If its just advice you need please feel free to call.

Our product specialisation includes the more common water heating options of solar water heating. These do need to be matched with the correct size HWC, as cheapest price and smallest system does not suit every intended use, thereby avoiding client disappointment.

We don’t go after the quick sale. Quality of installation comes first before price. These systems offer savings of up to 75% of hot water heating if actually sized correctly.

If required we can demonstrate full working systems that include gas boosting and transfer valves to maximise the the stand-alone apeal for clients wanting to use less grid power. Perfect for the sustainability enthusiast wanting to install photovaltaic systems. 

We offer many alternative systems that range from domestic supply only, with gas boost or electrical back up; to large scale commercial systems for camp grounds or cow sheds.

Under floor heating and radiators are now able to be heated using our more up market solar systems with wood burner/ wetback supporting the solar, using the latest european technology and componentry.

Please make the most of our experianced solar technicians. Our team have the benefit of over 900 installations completed in all brands and componentry; not many companies are able to offer this level of experience. Due to the nature of our expertise we travel widely to install and repair all types of solar system and also bring them up to required code.

As a word of caution, please be aware thet all solar systems and componentry are not created equal, there are many cheaper solar systems imported from China with very limited warranty. We only fit and supply the best possible brands and componentry for longevity.

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