Rainwater Collection

Roof SpoutingRainwater harvesting is collecting your roof water and saving it, using this resource to drink or irrigate your property instead of sending it down the drain.

Rainwater harvesting has been in use for many years on farms recently becoming popular for domestic residential use this ranges from the smaller hobby size using 300 litre tank and one single down pipe for garden use this is very economical to set up giving great benefits – to more sustainable stand alone 5000 liter or more systems for building use requiring filtration and backflow protection to meet council regulations. These need to be sized correctly to formulae to ensure smooth running all year around.This enables complete independence from council supply.

We are able to fit these systems and there are many options available they start become more viable for whole home usage when the storage is 25000 liter or more especially with our uncertain weather climate as seen with our recent 3 month drought, incidentally some of our recent clients elected to fit 50 000 liter of storage which is basically two large tanks and did not run ot of water during the drought but they do only take three days of rain to have them full again.

The apropriate filtration is definitely required by council to ensure safe drinking water this usually is a minimum of twin cartridge filters of a maximum 1 micron rating with a UV light to kill any possible gardia, this really is the minimum and there are more options to removes ions from water and improve taste