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How to Know If Your Plumbing Needs Replacing

 It can be easy to overlook the indicators of an old and failing plumbing system. But if you are able to recognise the right time to replace the pipes in your home you may be able to prevent a full on plumbing emergency in the future. Nevertheless it can be a big job, so you don’t want to do it before you absolutely need to. Here are some signs to look for to help you assess your plumbing system and know when it needs to be replaced. 

High Water Rates Bill

If your water costs have been rising but without a noticeable increase in water use, or an obviously major leak, it could be due to numerous small cracks and leaks throughout your plumbing system. 

Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure can mean that there is corrosion in your pipes which can lead to small cracks and leaks. If you think your water pressure has dropped and your water bill is also rising, then your plumbing may need replacing. It's probably time to get it checked out by professionals. 

Discoloured Water

Oddly coloured water is a good sign of a deteriorating plumbing system. As pipes age and decay, the corrosion can turn the water a strange colour and give it a bad smell and taste. 

The Age of Your Home

Nothing lasts forever - not even plumbing. The age of your home can be a good indicator that it's time to think about replacing its plumbing system. The life of different piping materials varies but even the most durable will eventually deteriorate and need replacing. 

Well-maintained pipes can last longer so by arranging regular inspections and maintenance you are helping to extend the longevity of your plumbing system, saving yourself problems and money in the future.

If you think your plumbing might be on the way out, be sure to contact Dale at Tauranga plumbing company Eco Plumber Gas. We have the expertise that will ensure your plumbing is in tip top shape.